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About Us

We create Visuals to bring you more clients 
Our creative team provides professional video and photography services to bring you more clients and bring your branding to life.  AG Visuals was founded by Aaron Golden, a digital native with a pragmatic approach to telling your brands story through effective video marketing ads.

From coffee shops to kitchens, real estate to sports, we can produce effective and engaging content for a wide variety of clients. Every business is only as good as its branding, and visuals are an essential part of this.

Even if we can't be on location due to a pandemic, we can still assemble stunning edits. Check out our most recent music video 'IF IT WAS' composed purely of premium stock footage and clips filmed by the The Lunar Keys and friends.

"Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business". 

- Steve Forbes
Steve Forbes is the Editor-in-Chief of business magazine Forbes.


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Audiences respond more to video content than any other kind, especially in the age of rapid social media scrolling. Autoplay videos reign supreme in the race to capture an audience's attention 

As the seasons change, you'll need your videos to stay current and on brand.

Need a Christmas promo?
New Year's sale?
Black Friday?

We've got you covered.
Just launched a new product or delicious burger on your menu? You'll need a promo video just for that. Videos that focus on individual menu items or products will appeal to a customer's senses. We'll add some sizzle in our sound design to make sure it does.

We've got a link below to a free guide to how and when video can help your business the most, plus some tips on auto-scheduling video content. Click here for your free guide.

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Need help getting your video out there to the masses?

We've got you covered with our social media and YouTube Channel management service as part of our monthly retainer package. This allows you to save money per video, with a set amount of videos produced and delivered each month and uploaded to all of your social channels. There is also the option of scheduling videos to coincide with any events or promotions you may have.

Why us?

We don't just deliver and leave: we want to offer as much value and post production support as possible. Our videos are bespoke and so is our customer service. That's why we offer a seven-day change period where we will amend videos as needed. But, to be honest, we're a big fan of communications and previews to make sure things are spot on during the editing process. We have a service for this which is quick to use and offers timestamped feedback options for clients: an invaluable addition for any music or commercial video to ensure everyone's on the same page.
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