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Aaron Golden

Video and Motion Editor // Cinematographer




A Bit About Me

I started out 10 years ago shooting and editing passion projects, when I graduated The University of Plymouth I shot weddings and edited music videos; as well as filming for local production companies. I started out on the classic Final Cut Pro 7 before progressing to FCPX, Premiere Pro and finally DaVinci Resolve. Today I edit mostly on Premiere or Resolve but depending on the project and the pipeline I'm comfortable editing on any NLE editor (with the exception of Avid which I'm looking to learn).

At the beginning of covid, 3 music video shoots fell through; however, I managed to upsell my skills as an editor and remotely prepared the band in shooting stable usable footage and utilised After Effects templates from Ezra Cohen as well as some great templates and effects from Envato Elements to brings the videos to life; along with some stock footage from Storyblocks to reinforce the thematic message of the track.


I can create seamless sequences to tell compelling stories, using action matches, audio matches and consistent direction of camera movement to build momentum and immersion.

I'm always looking to upskill and take advantage of new technologies and  I can efficiently remove objects and obstructions, including lens dust and unwanted background distractions from the footage. I also have a good understanding of tracking and rotoscoping.

Examples of editing work


These music videos utilised masking, layering and keying to provide

striking visuals and over 30k views per video.

These were challenging to produce but rewarding to be able to see 
the band happy with the results. I used After Effects and animated

typography templates from Ezra Cohen.

A short low res concept test, compositing footage of a wine glass breaking 

over a photograph

A spec ad for some Nike Shoes with motion graphics, to illustrate the unique selling points of the shoes.

Shot at sunrise (although it's hard to tell from the cloudy morning).

A showreel of footage shot and edited by myself from various projects

3d creation and composition using fabric simulation in blender

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