Saal Digital Professional Line Photobook Review

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

*** This review was in not sponsored by Saal but was purchased using a £100 gift voucher that I won though a competition and topped up with my own money **

This album was a personal project, to gather the favourite photos I had taken over the last few years; from gourmet food shots, to rare snowfall in March that happened a few years back in the UK. I initially considered getting an album of my wedding photography made but having an album of my favourite photos is something I'd wanted for years. I'd always dreamed of having my photos in an album but had never seen one that had interested me until I won a voucher from Saal and took a look at their Professional Line Photo books. Saal was helpful in assisting me in choosing which colour gamut to use as I had never printed an album before and they were quick to dispatch the album. I had never used an album creation software but their software was intuitive and super quick to use (I put together the whole album on the night the voucher was due to expire). I usually try to balance my reviews with some good and bad points but I honestly can't think of any negative aspects. I initially thought that the products might be overpriced, but when I received the photo book the value was tangible and definitely worth the extra money I topped up the order with, on top of the voucher. I went with an acrylic front cover and wood taupe effect for the back and spine of the album. I picked a high GSM thickness of paper for it's durability and love the quality of it. I opted for the larger size of book, so it works well as a coffee table piece. The thing I love most is that I now have a collection of the favourite photos in a book, that as long as I take care of it will last for a very long time. If you're after premium quality Saal is definitely the way to go.


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