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About Me

I'm a South-West based Videographer passionate about film and running in my spare time. I'm looking to create films on a full time basis

I can bring a pragmatic approach and a meticulous eye for detail to any project. I make it my job to learn camera and software settings inside out, ahead of time and learning from specific scenarios as I go. I'm proficient in using the Sony and Canon Cameras and NLE software including Premiere Pro and FCP (7&X). I'm familiar wide a wide range of codecs, my back round and current job in technical support have provided me with excellent troubleshooting skills. I grew up with social media and have previously worked in the distribution department of Shorts International, packaging and sensing video on demand assets to major platforms including iTunes and Amazon, where I also trained a small group of interns.

I'm good at communicating with all types of people, no matter their background or if they lean more introverted than extroverted, I'm able to coach interviewees into a relaxed rapport, to get some great talking head shots. I'm happy to travel anywhere in the world for shoots and I always ensure that multiple contingencies are used from shooting to multiple memory cards to ensuring backup and archiving is efficiently done.

Current salary of £24,157 would need to be met or exceeded ideally. (Job posting is advertised as going up to  26k so this shouldn't be an issue hopefully).  

Thanks for your time reading reading this. Below are some examples of my work, a CV and link to my full kit list.

Screenshot 2020-12-10 at 19.13.38.png

Currently learning

Currently developing colour grading skills on DaVinci Resolve


My Camera Equipment

I used to be a die-hard Canon Shooter on the 5Dmkiii but made the switch to Sony and currently shoot on the A7iii with a Zeiss Batis 25mm.

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