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Remnants will be a short film based on the escalating paranoia of a man separated from his wife, as he lives out a new life in the wilderness to escape unseen adversaries, amid a global virus pandemic. The protagonist carves out a new life in the woods bordering a reservoir, and puts together clues seemingly left for him by his wife. Only at then end we realise that we were seeing through the eyes of an unreliable narrator, as he's found by his wife and a search party. As the final scene closes we see a twist that ties his wife to the origin of the pandemic itself... 

The first draft was written before Covid but it was adapted to become a commentary on the human condition and how we as humans, deal with extreme adversity. Remnants is primarily a thriller, but it also has many layers for audiences to delve into. Much like the recent Songbird Film on Netflix, the short will explore dystopian themes but will include a thread of optimism and a light at the end of the tunnel, so as not to become depressing to viewers but retain it's relevance and ability to engage.

Audiences will emphasise with the protagonist's situation and understand both their internal and external conflicts, as the narrative incorporates universal themes with both micro and macro situations that the audience can relate to.

So far we have scouted an excellent location (will upload photos here soon), written a 2nd draft and collected various Foley sounds on location, as well as building our own sound libraries from stock services. The 2nd draft of the script is near final but needs a few minor adjustments and checks. Budget permitting we may also be able to run this past a script consultant.

Below you can find further information on our plan for Remnants as well as some visuals:

  • The Team

  • Technical Specs

  • What we need the budget for

  • Moodboard

  • Concept artwork

  • Script

  • Sizzle Reel

  • Video Pitch

  • Distribution Plan

The Team

Aaron Golden

Liam Street of Soby Films

We met though working on the same wedding videography team for a company and decided to put our creative efforts towards our first short film, which could potentially be used as a proof of concept for a feature one day.


Unfortuantly the first lockdown happened days before filming, we hope that we can pursue the project with renewed energy and the boost of the financial support if we were to win the grant. This money would mean the world to us as we would be able to pay our 2 actors and hire a cinema camera as an A cam in addition to using our own Sony A7iii cameras as a B and C cam. The money will also help toward distribution and ensuring lighting is well executed by hiring what we need with an asisstant.

Technical Specs

Camera: A7iii (possibly also hiring a RED Komodo, budget permitting)

Glass: Zeiss 25mm +Zeiss 55mm

Gimbal: Ronin S

Delivery: Film will be shot in 4k and downscaled to 1080p 16:9, to allow for cropping/reframing and certain effects in post such as the vertigo effect.
Audio: Rode NTG Video Mic (we will convert to being a boom mic), Tascam multitrack recorder

Lights: Neweer LED Panels, will be hiring more lights - to us light is the most important as shaping the light is what makes good footage great.

What We need the budget for

To Pay our actors and to supply them with food

To hopefully hire a cinema camera (RED Komodo or similar)

Any leftover money will go towards distribution via Shorts International to various VOD platforms

To hire an assistant to help with lighting, this is pivitol to ensuring a cinematic look with bouncing and diffusing light as well as keeping consistency of lighting between scenes. 

Moodboard on Pinterest: CLICK HERE

Concept art: Coming soon..

Script download CLICK HERE

Sizzle Reel (films of the same vein, cut together to convey intended tone): Coming soon..

Video Pitch: Coming soon..

Distribution Plan:

Our plan is to get Remnants distributed to various Video on Demand and Electronic sell-through platforms vis Shorts International, who can get the short film onto iTunes, Amazon and more platforms potentially, for a fee.

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