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Aerial View of Beach





AG Visuals is offering the opportunity to engage with local shredders in the surf and skate scene, to bring in more foot traffic and to sell more merch. Modern audiences engage with video content more than any other type of media and AG Visuals provides a core piece of a promotional video for your website but also provides multiple formats, tailored for as many social media platforms as you need. Many other production companies (big and small) will charge for extra edits or re-edits but here it's all in one price.

Having grown up as an avid skater and fan of surfing, I know what shots make the difference between the spark that inspires a customer to start a sport and losing them entirely. I can also capture footage while skating when needed, for that extra bit of immersion. 

OUR PRICE: £2000
Average day rate quote of one of your nearest productions companies: £5500-6000
1 min video - Perfect for incorporating and intertwining an interview with B-roll footage.
30-second video - An excellent middle ground
15-second promo - Bite-sized edit perfect for social media (including vertical Instagram Reel videos which have a higher view rate).

Professionally edited in Premiere Pro
Professionally colour graded in DaVinici Resolve Studio
Professional sound design
Licensed Footage
Pre-production: Storyboarding & Pinterest mood board
Consultations (unlimited)
Edits optimised for Website, Instagram (reels and posts), TikTok and Facebook
Limited time: 3 day social media ad with specific audience targetting (value of £90)



SURF -The Duck dive (as seen above)

A cinematic staple of surfing footage, we would hire specialist underwater housing to achieve stunning shots from the water.

Storefronts and surrounding scenery in multiple Sessions locations

INTERVIEW (continues over subsequent shots as Voice Over).

Ideally, a short interview with the founder/CEO. Questions were asked but the audio of answers only continues over shots as an inspirational voiceover.

Why do you think it's important to surf and skate?
1. How do you think quality products help you with this, what difference does it make?
2. Do you think surfing and skating help people's mental health?
3. If you could describe the feeling you get when your surf/skate in a few words, what would they be?

SKATE - The Setup

A staff member putting together a skateboard setup from scratch. Enhanced with great audio for emphasis, from the smoothing of grip tape to the bolts being fitted.

SURF- Carving waves

Some classic shots of carving waves, captured from the water to immerse viewers in the experience of surfing and feel the need to go out and surf themselves


Skaters and longboarders enjoy skating along sea fronts, along winding roads and down hills.


If you have Sessions stickers these would work well on boards to keep branding in shots as much as possible without being overly intrusive/commercial feeling.

Being one with nature. Birds, waves, beaches and street skating.
All footage is captured in High resolution. Film-style aesthetics are added in the editing process to give the video some style and flare.


Audio is the silent masterpiece; when done well is relatively unnoticed but when done badly it can destroy good footage. It effectively immerses the viewer and makes them feel like they are there, that they want to be out surfing or skating and thus want to buy the products.

AG Visuals uses a combination of ambient sound captured on location and an extensive library of high-quality sounds to layer into a rich soundscape, mixed with a voiceover and set to a premium licensed instrumental track from one of the best Music Licensing sites there is.

Next steps:

1. Setting up a call/Meeting.
2. Providing you with a storyboard and refined shot list.
3. Request for a branding pack (fonts, logo, colour swatches).
4. Setting film dates and deadlines.
5. Client previews.
6. Edit changes as needed until perfect.
7. Final delivery.

We have a proven track record of filming high-quality content for both clients directly and contracted work for other production companies. If you'd like to see more recent work, links can be provided. If budget is a problem, please let us know and we'd be happy to set up a phone call to see if we can make any changes to bring the cost down; but we've strived to create a package just for you at a fair cost that covers our equipment, travel and labour costs for pre-production, production, post-production and delivery. We take the reins but see this as a collaborative process and can incorporate anything that you need. We look forward to working with you!

Aaron Golden 




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